Meet the team

Margaret Reeves


Managing Director

My early background is working in Sales & Accounts. Taking over 18 years' experience in a previous job, I decided to set up my own Bookkeeping and Payroll service. Developing my client base and working for RefTech on a part-time basis very quickly developed into a full time role and I became finance director.

My skill set helped improve the performance of RefTech and I agreed to become managing director in 2011.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am very much a people person with the ethos, of 'my door is always open'.

I enjoy listening to music and love to watch a good drama series. I am the proud owner of 5 Shih Tzu's and I am partial to a Chambord or Dissorano over ice. I did partake in a Segway experience once, but 2 knee operations later I think it is better for me to keep my feet firmly on the ground. It is a shame as I would love to try skiing but it's probably not the wisest of ideas!

Simon Clayton


Chief Ideas Officer

I have been working with data and computer systems longer than I care to remember. For me, IT has always been a combination of computer networking and system/application development.

Over the years, amongst other things, I have taught computer networking for systems staff managing networks with over 10,000 users and written complex data collection, management and analysis systems that have managed data for literally millions of event delegates.

I have been the technical inspiration for RefTech since I started the company and have been responsible for devising the online systems used by the IMEX team since they started planning the first IMEX Frankfurt in 2001. In that role I have been largely responsible for ensuring that IMEX has the most technologically sophisticated online systems in the exhibition market whilst maintaining the focus on the user experience.

I believe that technology is there to serve a purpose and should never be used just for the sake of it. My business background and wealth of experience in most aspects of systems and user interface design means that I have an unusually pragmatic perspective on technology. This attitude has led to me writing regularly on the subject of technology in the events industry and my column 'The Voice of Reason' in Conference News has been running continuously since 2012.

Ken Clayton



Although largely retired, I am still very actively involved in the day-to-day business. My background is in marketing and communications. I spent eleven years working in the marketing department of the UK car manufacturer eventually known as MG Rover and, by 1984, was responsible for special events (product launches, incentives and some aspects of exhibition activity). I left to become a freelance writer producing speeches for senior directors in a variety of industries, scripts for corporate video programmes and feature articles for titles ranging from The Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph to trade journals such as Accountancy Age, Marketing and Meetings & Incentive Travel. I was also a visiting faculty member of the College of Marketing for two years and had two books published by Century Hutchinson.

I subsequently joined the specialist PR company Michael Rines Communications as managing director. The company grew in size and profitability but when the opportunity arose, I joined RefTech as a director. For many years I was an acknowledged authority on Internet security, e-commerce and website design and in that role was consulted by BBC World Service regularly and appeared on BBC Radio 4 and BBC television. I also conducted seminars in the UK, France and Russia.

I was also one of the key figures involved in forming the Tamworth based radio station, Centre fm which won the commercial radio licence in South East Staffordshire. I remained a director of the company until its acquisition by CN Group in 2001.

And to prove that I'm not finished yet, I was awarded a First Class Honours degree in History from the Open University in 2017 and I am now studying for an MA.

Penny Sellers


Sales & Operations Director

A self-confessed perfectionist who loves a challenge. With over 20 years experience in sales, finance and management and more recently marketing and social media I have a real can do attitude with a hands on approach.

Fuelled by decent coffee in the day and a good G&T by night doesn't go amiss.

Rachel Coker


Project Director

I've pretty much been looking at badges since birth, with many wonderful years in the registration industry now.
I'm Responsible for developing and steering a fantastic projects and training team.

They describe me as “Calm, methodical, thorough and logical”. “Leads by example and a great team motivator”
No bribes required - we've recruited well!

A run of the mill sun, sea and snow aficionado.
Serial steak, chocolate and cheese enthusiast consumed in any order though preferably all at once.
Dreams of being a triathlete but then wakes up, a 1.6 mile walk to a log fired pub is plenty.



Rob Bartholomew


Account Director

I have worked for RefTech in the events industry since 2005, my working history includes Robotics & Automation, Flexible Conduit, Pneumatics and Gas Fires.

I am qualified in Engineering and Marketing.

Married with 2 kids, I was born in March 1965, the Chinese year of the snake and I am an Aries. I was a semi-professional footballer for around 10 years and represented Warwickshire at 800m, but now spend my spare time on a golf course. Other hobbies include kite flying and helping to coach my eldest son's football team.

My alcoholic tipple is lager and I really enjoy Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian food.

Ben Harrison


Account Manager

I have worked within the Events industry since 2013 and all of them with RefTech, I came from a banking background originally but I have also spent time in retail, but the events industry is best for its variety of clients and ever changing technology!

My passion in life other than my family is Mountain biking and the great outdoors.

My favourite drink is a good strong Espresso Coffee or a pint of Stout.



Account Manager

The newest member of the sales team, coming from a varied background in Insurance, Welfare to Work, Recruitment, Sales and more recently the Plastic Manufacturing Industry. Regardless of the industry I always have the customer at the forefront of my mind and strive to provide the best possible service and support.

I have a 9-year-old son who likes to call me "Bruh" and we enjoy bike riding and looking after snails in our spare time (interesting snail fact – they can't feel pain!). I also have a black cat called Stella who likes trying to trip me up on the stairs.

I also enjoy working out, sunbathing, watching films and eating delicious foods, my drink of choice is probably a White Wine Spritzer (with Lemonade – NEVER soda!)





Project Manager

I have been working in the travel and events industry for more than 25 years and have operated events across the globe.

In my earlier career I used to plan travel arrangements for the music industry amongst others, and followed that with a period of operating tours to sports events such as World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympics. More recently I planned events for the business world and Government clients, and worked on the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

Away from work I enjoy travelling, musical theatre, DIY and watching athletics, having been to 4 Olympic Games (Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London).



Project Manager

The Careers Advisor at school never mentioned the events industry to me. He told me to be an engineer. How could he have not told me about this industry? You get to travel the world free of charge, stay in the nicest hotels, eat triangular sandwiches for every meal, see a variety of beautifully decorated conference rooms, and spend more time in taxis then you do in bed. I love it!!

So, after 25 years I'm still enjoying the challenges and opportunities. I still get the adrenaline highs I'm addicted to, and it fills in the time between walking the dog in the morning and taxi driving for my kids in the evening.

Ellie Wootton


Project Manager

I have been working at RefTech for most of my adult life! Never staying away for too long.

Working in the events industry is so much fun as no day is the same! Each badge / online registration is different, keeping me on my toes.

The team at RefTech are brilliant, we're always laughing and keeping each other entertained.

I love all things 'animal' you could say I'm building my own farm at home. Dogs, rabbits, hamsters, cats, tortoises … and any of the neighbours cats that dare to walk past the front door!



Project Manager

I have worked in customer service most of my adult life along with some involvement in the events industry which I believe ultimately led me to RefTech. Being organised is of utmost importance to me as it means a sure clear road to success, whether this be at work or home!

Being a mom of 2 girls I am always up to date with most trends and the latest gadgets.

I am a lover of all things Marvel, Disney and a self proclaimed professional foodie, eating of course, not the cooking part.

Would it be an about me without mentioning my favourite drink?! Prosecco, glass or bottle, not fussy.

Hannah Smith


Project Support

My background is in customer service and administration. I was keen to get into the events industry which led me to joining the projects department at RefTech!

I am developing new software skills and every day has a different challenge. People across all teams are supportive and happy to help.

When I'm not at work, I love going to music gigs and travelling.

My drink of choice is a gin (a double!)

Christopher James White


Project Support

I have spent the last 15 years in community pharmacy, working in many places in and around the area, before that I have worked in sales for a large mobile network. I have done most things at some point in my life from baking goods for the local Co-op to cleaning jobs, always making sure I threw myself at the task 100% and looked constantly for ways to improve myself. This has led me here to this point in time where I hope to continue to apply that same mind set to my new career.

Outside of work being a Dad takes up most of my time (mostly doing homework). I also do enjoy a good ttrpg, gaming be that on pc or Xbox. I have 2 snakes and a cat for pets and always enjoy a good Ale when the mood takes me, most mornings however I am fuelled by a (very) large coffee.



Christopher Sellers


Onsite Manager

After leaving Nottingham Polytechnic where I studied Mechanical Engineering, I joined Clearwater Communications making speaker support slides, then moved into video editing, as well as project roles on events. When Clearwater was bought out by The Connection I was selected to move over to The Connection where I further expanded my role in conference and event production, finding particular interest in audio visual. After the demise of The Connection, I went freelance for a year doing speaker support and audio visual work. Recruited by Picture It as Facilities Director I continued working in AV and production management as well as running the TV studio for a wide variety of projects including commercials and music videos. I was persuaded to leave Picture It and join RefTech in Sept 2006, where I am part of the Operations team.

I enjoy the travel opportunities that come with the job but I am equally happy at home with my wife, 2 sons and 4 cats.

My favourite drinks are a decent cup of tea (none of your fancy stuff!) or a cold Gin & Tonic.

Stephen Reeves


IT & ISO Manager / Onsite Manager

I started at RefTech back in 2012 after working in the construction & shop fitting industry for over 15 years as a buyer and IT manager. I have spent millions of other people's money and prided myself in being able to get the right thing, to the right place, for the right price.

I have always been keen on information technology (IT), and technology and gadgets in general ever since my first ZX Spectrum back in the early 1980's. I'm currently learning my way around the Linux operating system. My role as an on-site manager is founded on technology and being able to get things working for our clients as well as supporting our clients on-site. I manage RefTech's IT infrastructure on a daily basis too.

As a child I always wanted to be a deep sea diver or a policeman and was all about the outdoors. Now grown up, I'm a keen scuba diver and instructor and have travelled far and wide to see the wonders of our world's oceans. But I think UK diving is amongst the best in the world (yes even with our visibility).

I enjoy Taekwondo, mountain biking and rock climbing, walking my 5 Shih Tzu's and rather enjoy a Hobgoblin or Doombar.



Onsite Manager

An events professional with a background in transport functionality, including the Commonwealth Games Birmingham and the Qatar World Cup. Also involved in the operational management of matchdays for events within the National Futsal Super League, as the founding member of Birmingham WLV Futsal Club.

Proud moment…Birmingham WLV Futsal Women's Team crowned Champions of England 2022, officially the best team in the Country!

Nathan Fernando


Onsite Manager

My name's Nathan and I've had a roundabout journey to get here! Finishing my degree in Computer Science in 2019 and with broadened horizons I decided to try and do some exciting things that I would love to experience outside of my degree's scope. In 2017 I started doing Summers at Camp Starlight in Pennsylvania as a Robotics Specialist and eventually leading my own team from 2018 onwards! This was where I picked up my event experience, leading every phase of event production from start to finish on big projects like the Starlight Wrestling Federation, MTV Night, Sing! and much much more (Always happy to talk about the time I got thrown through a table, into Jelly during a Starlight Wrestling match). Getting the chance to travel the US throughout my degree was captivating and life changing, I learned so much about myself and how confident I was travelling solo!

Eventually I did my first Winter season Snowboarding in the Alps for 2019-2020; however this was cut short due to obvious reasons. Once the skies had cleared I decided to try and make something of myself in the UK using the skills I'd learned over my many months away and Events was my calling, to help create the exciting and memorable experiences I had been so closely involved with sounded incredible!

In addition to that rich tapestry, my other interests are: Baseball (I play Catcher for the Birmingham Metalheads), Climbing, Surfing, Snowboarding, Working on my Car, Esports and commentary, Musical Theatre and I have qualifications to instruct Fencing, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Canoeing, Kayaking, Stand up Paddle-boarding and Sailing!



Melanie Wood


Production & Project Co-ordinator

I joined RefTech in February 2016 as part of the Production team. The events industry was a completely new venture to me, but I can honestly say I enjoy every minute here. I do the Badging only events and also help out the Projects department. We have a fantastic team and all help each other out.

I have worked in customer services for most of my working career but have enjoyed developing my skills further both professionally and personally within the events industry.

In my spare time I like to swim and bake (not at the same time). I also like to do sugar craft. My favourite tipple is gin, most types! - definitely served with tonic, ice and a slice.

Clare Clayton


PA to CIO and Mailing Fulfilment

I have been with RefTech for over 10 years; I have 2 roles, Mailing fulfilment and PA to Simon, Chief Ideas Officer, to whom I have been married for 12 years. We have 2 daughters and 3 cats that are called Mork, Mindy and Nanu.

I enjoy travelling (I call these holidays, but many of you know Simon doesn't do holidays as he never stops working) I like photography, sewing, music, comedy and binge watching NetFlix! My biggest obsession is playing Pokemon Go! (Yes, people still play Pokemon Go!).

There is always a great atmosphere at RefTech and everyone has a laugh, especially at one of Simon's jokes (unless you have heard it for the 5th time that day).

I enjoy most food and alcohol, I dislike gin, dark chocolate and grapefruit.



Suzie Jupp


Finance Manager

My very first job after studying travel and tourism and languages at college was an Au Pair working in France. I loved the experience (and the vin rouge) but needed to come home and start a "proper job". I worked for several travel agents over the years including one which specialised in overseas weddings and honeymoons. My love of languages has helped me along the way while travelling for business and pleasure. My dream once retired, or after a lottery win (whichever comes soonest) will be to drive around Europe in a motorhome. Until then I will enjoy my role at RefTech. I discovered my love of credit control and figures completely by accident when I was seconded to the accounts department in a previous role. I love dealing with customers and playing my part in a great team. As it's often said money, makes the world go round.

My spare time is spent either watching a good film at the cinema, a theatre show or listening to live music. My favourite times are shared with friends and family, eating fabulous food and drinking great wine or cocktails. I love long walks in the country with my husband, clears the mind and good for the soul.



Simon Robins


Graphic Designer

I studied photography at Plymouth College of Art and Design. I've been working in the event industry since leaving college in 1986, and I've been working at RefTech since 2001.

Within the industry I've been an AV technician, event producer, creator of slides/speaker support material, website designer and graphic designer.

My hobbies include photography, watching films and walks in the countryside. I've also visited what some people may consider to be an excessive number of castles.

My favourite drink is coffee.



Dean Vultaggio


Senior Application Developer

I joined the company in the summer of 2003, fresh out of school and looking for a challenge. The past few years have certainly not disappointed. I'm a tough critic of my own work and believe in producing high quality products and delivering exceptional service. I specialise in developing our desktop software and mobile applications.

Travel has played a major role in my life. I've been lucky enough to visit many countries, including a fair chunk of Europe and the USA.

I've developed a love for New Country and host a radio show with my lovely wife, Sheena, which can be heard in Central England, West Yorkshire and worldwide thanks to the internet.

I can usually be found drinking fruity cocktails, such as Pina coladas, I also love pretty much all food, especially East Asian cuisine - Thai pork curry anyone?

Richard Scrivens


Senior Developer

I've worked as a web-developer for over 12 years joining RefTech in 2012. Before breaking into the industry I was a barman/wine-waiter while I studied at university.

I enjoy photography, shooting, drama and horror films, most types of rock music, spending time with my family and tinkering with computers and IT in general.

My favourite drink is single malt whisky.

Jason Phillips



I graduated from University in 2001 and have worked in the events industry since joining RefTech in 2005.

Before my move to a career in computer programming I was a draughtsperson, studying to become an architect.

My time outside of work is spent between my young daughter and renovating our home.

My drink of choice is coffee, without which I am largely unable to function.

Mohammed Imran


Senior Developer

I have worked as a web/software developer since 1999 and joined RefTech in early 2015 which was my first experience of the events industry.

My hobbies are mainly technology and gadget related but I also like to cook and dabble with DIY.

My favourite drink is Coffee.


Office mascots

Office Dogs

Jess, Missy, Gizmo, Pippa & Cleo

Meet the extended RefTech team members, introducing Jess, Missy, Gizmo, Pippa & Cleo. Jess has been part of the team since 2012, followed by Missy & Gizmo in 2014 and Pippa & Cleo in 2016.

They happily attend all meetings in the boardroom with our staff, clients and visitors with wagging tails, whilst keeping an eye out for the post person and general deliveries.

Jess: Favourite Past Time: Watching out of the Window, Favourite Colour: Red, Favourite Drink: Water, Favourite treat: Ready Salted Crisps

Missy: Favourite Past Time: Bossing around the others, Favourite Colour: Pink, Favourite Drink: Water: Favourite treat: DentaStix

Gizmo: Favourite Past Time: Playing fetch with his ball, Favourite Colour: Blue, Favourite Drink: water, Favourite treat: Beef Jumbone that he guards for hours.

Pippa: Favourite Past Time: Having her tummy rubbed. Favourite Colour: Neon Green, Favourite Drink: Water, Favourite treat: Biscuit Bones.

Cleo: Favourite Past Time: Relaxing on Peoples laps, Favourite Colour: Neon Green, Favourite Drink: Water, Favourite treat: Any or all treats and always tries to sneak a second.

They all like their walks, runs off the lead in the park and socialising with other dogs in their spare time, and a regular pamper at the salon. They also keep their owners Margaret & Stephen extremely busy.

They have asked us to say that all treats are welcome should you decide to visit.


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