Verification Scanning

Verification Scanning

Verification scanning is useful when you need to verify if an attendee is entitled to something. They may have booked to attend a session that is capacity controlled, booked a lunch or they are entitled to a delegate pack.

Our software offers the ability to check this quickly and easily.

If you have capacity controlled sessions we are able, at a glance, to see if the person is entitled to enter the room. If the attendee hasn't booked and there is capacity remaining you can allow entry. If the attendee hasn't booked and there isn't capacity you can refuse entry.

If you want to ensure your attendees only have one active badge the system can be set up so that printing a replacement badge disables all earlier printings. This can be particularly useful at paid-for events to stop attendees registering, collecting a badge which they pass to a colleague and then getting a second badge printed. If an attendee does this, the first badge will show as inactive when it is scanned.

The process can also be used to check other things such as whether or not a meal has been ordered or whether an attendee is entitled to a delegate pack. The system can check the attendee's record and show whether or not they are entitled to whatever they're asking for and whether or not they have already had it. So if an attendee has lunch and then lends their badge to somebody who hasn't paid for lunch, the system can show that one meal has already been provided for the person named on the badge. Best of all, the information is presented in fractions of a second.

The software offers a red/green visual aid onscreen to help.

Verification scanning can also be used in conjunction with pre-registered information and photos.


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