On-site ticket sales

On-site ticket sales

Our on-site ticket sales systems meet the needs of events organisers whether they are running a classical concert for one night, a series of shows in separate locations, a club rally lasting for a few days or a medium-term event with timed sessions such as a Christmas outdoor skating rink.

Some of the functionalities include:

  • Multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Float allocation to an individual cashier
  • Login for cashiers by entering a unique ID number
  • Restriction on cashier login for one sales point but the manager can over-ride to allow logins at multiple sales points
  • Industry-standard, touch-screen point of sale units with connected cash drawer and ticket / receipt printer
  • Credit card payment option
  • Barcode printing on tickets with scanning at the entrance to prevent multiple use of individual tickets
  • Individual cashing up of cashiers' floats
  • Retail and food services modules capable of handling hundreds of individual lines
  • Full suite of manager's reports
  • Sales and revenue reports viewable remotely by authorised personnel

Fraud Minimisation

When using casual labour, there is always the possibility of fraud. Our systems are designed to minimise the possibilities as far as possible.

Take a look at the following page for details about online ticket sales.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements in more detail, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.

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