Whatever type of badge you need for your event, we're almost certain to be able to supply it.

If you want to shake off the hassle involved in having to pre-print colour badge stock, we can do it because we're one of the few registration companies that can print badges in full colour on-site. That means you only pay for the badges you use.

If you have German attendees who want all of their titles (Herr Doctor) on their badges, we can do it. If you have attendees with accented characters, our software will print them. If they have long names, for example, attendees from Middle-eastern countries, we can word-wrap the names.

If you need information beyond the normal name and barcode, we can do it – colour flashes for different entitlements or badge types, dinner tickets, itineraries, attendee's photo... just tell us what you want.

And in a further move to cut costs, if you need to provide CPD certificates, once the initial rush at registration is over, one or more of the registration points can be converted to a CPD certificate printing point – quickly and easily.

Everything about our services is designed to make life as easy and cost-effective as possible for you. That's one of the reasons that we get so much repeat business.


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